Headline: Why Recycle?
By Amanda Current / January - April, 2011

Recycling is possibly the easiest way for someone to help the environment without too much effort. In fact, recycling is so heavily encouraged that it is just as easy to toss a bottle into the recycling bag or bin as it is to throw it in the garbage. Although recycling isn't necessarily a given in every house, it has become more common with the rise of the going green movement, as well as the encouragement from the media to conserve energy and give back to the earth.

The convenience in recycling has increased recently with a local bill making it possible to put all recyclable items in one container, instead of having to sort them by type. Among the standard things that are appropriate for recycling are newspapers, glass, plastic, aluminum cans, milk and juice cartons, steel, bi-metal products and cardboard. There are a few exceptions that aren't obvious to anyone with a basic knowledge of recyclable items, which include cereal boxes, plastic bags, pizza boxes, aluminum foil and pie plates.

Curbside garbage pickup is good for small items. Anyone can take larger recyclables, such as printers, TVs, cell phones, computers and other electronic items, to a permanent drop-off location in the area.

These items will be recycled, refurbished or disposed of in an environmentally safe way.

While we want to do our part to keep the beautiful world safe and clean, how much good is accomplished by recycling? According to Waste Management, the largest corporation in charge of recycling in the U.S., recycling items in 2010 could have filled the Empire State Building more than twelve times. With the recycling of just one aluminum can, enough energy can be produced to power a television for four hours.

The statistics are stunning. For every ton of paper that is recycled, 380 gallons of oil are saved, along with 3.5 cubic yards of landfill, 7,000 gallons of water and seventeen thirty-foot pulp trees. For the amount of paper and wood that is wasted each year, 20,000 homes could be heated for twenty years. Recycling is one thing that will not only save resources and ensure a brighter and more efficient future for years to come, but assist in saving families money and energy.

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