Country Singer On The Rise
By Jamie Lober / August, September, October 2012

ERICA MORGAN, AGE 20, a student at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, is a rising country music star. This student from Coral Springs is studying communications, but her eyes are set on a performing career.

A jump start to her career came in November, 2011, when she was asked to open for Nashville country artist James Otto at her school's first homecoming football game and grand opening of a new stadium. "For a couple of years, I had such bad stage fright," said Morgan. "But, after I opened with James Otto, all those fears went away."

Singing is in Morgan's genes -- her father played both guitar and piano. "I had problems finding friends, so I decided to pick up the guitar and start writing," she said.

Her talent was recognized at an early age when she entered an online contest in tenth grade sponsored by Alloy Entertainment and came in twentieth place. During her freshman year of college, she released a song on iTunes.
The themes of her songs relate to her peers. "I like to sing about boys, heartbreak, breakups and things with friends," said Morgan." When I was in high school, I wrote a lot about how I did not fit in because everyone liked to party and there I was, writing things."

Her plans came to fruition when she found herself becoming friends with the band the night of her school's homecoming and a well-respected guitarist and Nashville producer named Tyler Caine. This meeting led to a recording session in Nashville.

Morgan describes her songs as a mixture of country and pop music. "A lot of times, I have one day a week where I sit down and write a song," she said.

As a self-described "big family person," she reserves her weekends for the people closest to her. Her friends are supportive of her music and think it is cool she is on this career path. "They have been there since I started writing and have seen the whole progress from having no contacts to knowing a lot of people in Nashville," said Morgan.

Getting to Nashville as often as her schedule allows, she co-wrote a song with Dan DeMay, who penned a hit for Martina McBride. She is a model of optimism, after going through some disappointments. "I had so many awesome opportunities that ended up falling through at the last minute, but I do not let negative criticism discourage me because I believe, if you have a dream, you can make it come true," she said. "If anyone young wants to do what I want to do, do not give up."

After Morgan finishes her degree in communications, she hopes to move to Nashville. She has a new single coming out this month called The Real Thing. "I wrote it about a guy in my public speaking class in high school," she said. "I was talking to him for a long time and things did not turn out the way I wanted…It is an optimistic song about love."

Readers can follow Erica Morgan on Twitter or Facebook. "It blows my mind how supportive people have been," she said.

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