School Board Candidates
By theParklander / August, September, October 2012

Abby Merle Freedman

Why do you want to serve on the school board?
"I am running for the school board because I am determined to bring education and the resources to support it back to the classroom. I am a mother and advocate for children in regular, special needs, and gifted programs via my three children and see first-hand the problems facing our education system. I am confident in my ability to help facilitate the changes needed. My business degree, law degree, and elementary education course work, along with my life experiences as a financial officer, budget coordinator, legal intern at the Pentagon and elementary school teacher, will assist me to properly analyze situations, understand perspectives, and implement policies and procedures."

Will you be endorsed by any organized group?
"The organized group that I am presently seeking to endorse my campaign is the Broward Teachers' Union. If it endorses my campaign, I will be honored to publicize that support. However, I will not be accepting any funds that typically accompany its endorsement because I have decided to entirely self-finance this campaign. One of my goals is to retain and entice teachers, not take their money. If I am elected, you can be sure that my only interest and priority will be what is best for education."

What is the biggest challenge facing public education in Broward County?
"The biggest challenge facing public education in Broward County is putting priorities and the budget in order. For our educational system to be successful, we need to lower class size, provide essentials to operate, entice and retain quality teachers, give students skills needed to succeed, and prevent waste."

Specifically, which of your personal qualities will help you be an effective school board member?
"Knowing how to advocate in a diplomatic manner is a quality that will assist me in being an effective school board member. I am described as an aggressive businesswoman who knows how to be fiscally responsible, as well as an individual who has a full understanding of how to apply accounting principles, finance and management."

Why are school boards necessary?
"You might debate the issue of whether a particular board is effective or not. However, in order for a school district to operate, there needs to be a governance model where the voice of the public is represented. There is a necessity for having a school board whose role is to set strategic direction, clearly define accountability by setting policy, oversee the performance of the superintendent, and approve a budget that allocates our tax dollars to be used efficiently and effectively."

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