After School Programs Thrive
By Kaleel Munroe / July, 2011

Don't let your young ones come home from school to an empty house. Do the right thing by enrolling them in an interactive after school program. From arts and crafts, swim lessons, and guitar lessons, there is a diverse collection of local after school programs that will meet the interests of any child.

With obesity rates among young people beginning to skyrocket, including more than two million U.S. children classified as morbidly obese, consider having your child spend an afternoon at Fitwize 4 Kids located in Boca Raton and Coral Springs. Children will learn the basics of nutrition and staying healthy. They will also be assisted with schoolwork. The mission of the business is to empower the young people of today and tomorrow by teaching them life-long benefits that come from eating correctly, staying fit and living a healthy lifestyle.

A popular activity at Fitwize 4 Kids is making peanut butter and jelly sandwich makeovers. This nutritious recipe calls for pure peanut butter, natural fruit spread, and a banana slice for zest. Another activity involves education about anti-bullying. Fitwize 4 Kids also provides exercise equipment designed for a child's body that allows him or her to safely build muscle and shed fat.

Are your children too young to be pumping iron? Look to Learning Adventures Preschool in Coral Springs that caters especially to three- and four-year-olds. With more than 5,000 square feet for activities at the preschool, your children will have plenty to keep them busy all day long.

The preschool has a different theme every week. A well-liked theme at Learning Adventures Preschool included "The Environment" with children learning about animals and plants and how to be environmentally friendly to the earth. A greenhouse classroom was set up, where the kids were able to get up close and personal with plants and animals.

Children also participate in projects on different subjects including math, science, drama, art, and languages. The purpose of Learning Adventures Preschool is to allow young children to learn and explore the world around them by opening up their minds and also to interact with other young children.

Open from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, Learning Adventures Preschool will gladly take your children on a fun and educational adventure. It has evening programs and services on Saturday and Sunday.

If taking a relaxing stroll is more of your children's thing, then head on over to Malachi Acres in Parkland where your young ones can go horseback riding. Malachi Acres is a great place to bring children ages eight to fourteen who need something unique to do after school, instead of playing video games. While at the barn, children learn how to care for horses, saddle them, and ride them. When children are involved with caring for the horses, they feel attached and eager to come back every day to see their personal horse.

What sets Malachi Acres apart from other barns is consistency. "The most unique thing about [Malachi Acres] is that it's the same trained instructors training all the time," owner and instructor Donice Muccio said. With a small staff of only three instructors, your children will form a lasting bond with the instructors. Don't want to let your children gallop off on their own? Then enroll with them and join the "grown-up" camp also provided at Malachi Acres. After school programs add a new dynamic to a children's lives by giving them the free time to be completely creative and see the world from a unique perspective. Leave them in the hands of trained professionals ready to teach them things that school may never be able to teach them.

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