Oreo Turkeys - Get Kids Involved
By Susan Shank / November, December 2012

Holiday gatherings bring family, friends and delicious food together. Hosting such a special occasion can sometimes seem overwhelming, because you want it to be memorable. Sometimes, you just have to relax and enjoy the date yourself.

Enlist your littlest guests to help you with this project, variations of which you might have already seen using different candy or cookies. There are a lot of creative, fun ideas, using simple ingredients, either online or in magazines. If you make a mistake, you have a tasty treat to enjoy. If that happens, just start again.


Double-stuffed Oreo cookies
Candy corn
Orange piping gel
Chocolate icing or melted chocolate (I call this my candy glue)
Rollo candy Malt balls
Keep one Oreo as the base. Take some candy corn pieces and push them gently into the second double-stuffed Oreo, covering about half the cookie. This is where it is important to use the double-stuffed version of this cookie, so that you have enough space between the cookies to push the candy corn in gently. If you have any problem with the candy corn staying put, add a little candy glue at the tip of the candy corn before inserting it.

Put a line of candy glue at the edge of one side of the base cookie. Stand the cookie with the candy corn on top of the candy glue line, so that the cookies are at 90 degrees. Hold it there for a few seconds until it sticks.

Next, let's build the turkey. The body will be the Rollo chocolate candy. Put some candy glue on the back of the candy and push it flat against the Oreo cookie. Put a candy malt ball, which also has the melted chocolate, against the cookie, right on top of the Rollo candy.

Let's decorate the turkey. Take the orange piping gel and make two dots for eyes. Break off a piece of the candy corn and leave yourself the little white end. Dip the flat end into the melted chocolate and press it against the cookie for the beak. Use the piping gel and create little turkey legs.

How much fun would this be to pass a tray around of sweet turkeys as your guests arrive? Or, use them as little place cards. Put one at every table setting with a little card in front of it with each guest's name.

Sometimes, all it takes is one very sweet idea to let your guests know how welcome they are at your table. Don't be surprised if, next year as you gather. Everyone is looking for those adorable little turkeys. That is how a fun tradition begins.

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