Parkland's 11-Year-Old Lexi Belle Schwartzberg Gets Published
Lily Droplet's Amazing Adventure Captures Young Talent and Imagination
By Phil Fishman / November 1, 2015

The ability to make new things or think of novel ideas defines the uniqueness of what we call the creative process. The inspiration to unlock one's imagination can magically occur at any age, time, or place. It can be spontaneous or carefully planned out -- hopefully one will be ready when that truly natural insight or original thought appears.

It is clear that 11-year-old Lexi Belle Schwartzberg, a 6th grader at Parkland's West Glades Middle School, has been lucky enough to capture these truly special moments more than once.

As a very young child, Lexi had dreamed of imaginary stories and characters. A love for the written word manifested itself in her English classes with challenging projects such as the creation of a 5th grade classroom newspaper. But it was her fiction and the tales she thought about so often that was always up front, ready to come out and be enjoyed by many. Finally, the opportunity to actually publish one of her creations came to fruition.
Parkland's 11-Year-Old Lexi Belle Schwartzberg Gets Published

Lily Droplet's Amazing Adventure: The Water Cycle is the story of a water droplet and her odyssey to reunite with family. With other raindrops, Lily must overcome the perils of extreme heat and freezing cold in a journey that depicts the natural water cycle.

Originally, Lily was part of a class project. To Lexi, it became much more. "I love writing and this one paragraph assignment suddenly turned into a full story about a water droplet named Lily and her first trip through the water cycle," Lexi explained.

With the encouragement of her family, Lexi decided to turn her paper in a full-fledged children's book, but a story for kids needs illustrations. A collaboration would take place between Lexi and her Aunt Danielle Schwartzberg, who had been drawing freehand sketches for years. Lily the Water Droplet suddenly came to life.

"When Lexi first came to me about the book, I was amazed how talented my niece truly is. We worked on it for over eight months and it was well worth the time. We just flowed together. I knew she was destined to become an author," said Auntie Dee.

Cori Schwartzberg, Lexi's mother, knew of her daughter's talents early on. "Lexi loved to just create stories and characters in her mind. She would write down her thoughts on sticky notes in the beginning. For hours, she would just write and write. I always believed someday she would be recognized by others."

And so she has. Last June, Lexi Schwartzberg was invited to read her book aloud to a group of twenty children at a special Author's Visit Day at the City of Parkland Library. Michelle Andrews, the Library's Program Specialist, remembers that special day. "We usually invite adults to speak about their books, so it was very special to have Lexi appear as a guest writer. The kids were given the opportunity to illustrate as well. Both the children and adults who attended loved listening to her read her story. It was very inspiring."

accolades have come this young author's way. On August 12, Lexi was honored by the Mayor of Parkland, Michael Udine, at a City Commission meeting and received a special Certification of Recognition.

The future looks bright. Other projects are in the works, but today exist only in Lexi's mind-for now. She has expressed interest in maybe someday becoming an actress or perhaps a dermatologist. Early indications are that she will be successful at any endeavor. But if her true passion remains with writing books, we will be the lucky ones.

Lily Droplet's Amazing Adventure can be purchased directly from The young talent even has her own website,

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