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With construction progressing, Compson Associates has
announced a major milestone at its luxury condominium, Tower
155, in downtown Boca Raton. The high-rise project has risen
above ground level with the completion of its third floor. Sales
have already reached 80%, and the developer recently made
news with a record-setting $2.35 million penthouse sale.
“Tower 155 is the most in-demand new address in downtown
Boca Raton. Every detail of this property is designed to create
convenience, comfort and luxury,” said Compson Associates
partner Robert D’Angelo.
Residents of Tower 155 will be able to enjoy a multitude of
luxuries found in Boca Raton due to its convenient downtown
location. While overlooking the decorative walkways of Mizner
Park, with its beautiful fountains, upscale retail and department
stores, fine dining restaurants, cinemas and the Boca Raton
Museum of Art, Tower 155 will also have a five-mile stretch of
golden beaches located less than a mile away.
The exclusive Boca Raton Resort and Club situated on 365
breathtaking acres is located nearby with fine jazz clubs,
extravagant spas and golf courses to unwind. Concerts,
farmer’s markets and family activities continue to make
Downtown Boca Raton into the most sought after location for
refined families.
Nationally recognized for its “A” rated schools and prestigious
universities, Boca Raton continues to expand its excellent
selection of public, private and charter schools. It also offers
unsurpassed healthcare at Boca Raton Regional Hospital, a top
ranked South Florida hospital for the fourth year in a row.
The highly anticipated development is part of “The New
Boca”, a style consisting of fresh, contemporary architecture
and upscale amenities that target a younger demographic. The
building features opulent interiors designed by Steven G. and
a modern Art Deco exterior from Vander Ploeg & Associates.
Residents of the luxury tower will enjoy a stunning array of
unique amenities including a rooftop sundeck with a pool, a
hot tub, a bar, a fitness center and a yoga studio. Additional
services include concierge and valet for dog walking, grocery
shopping, reservations and more.
Located in the exclusive Mizner Park area, the landmark
property is situated in the center of one of America’s most
sought-after neighborhoods. Residents will be steps away from
Boca Raton’s world-class beaches, restaurants, shops, marinas
and more. Tower 155 offers a floor plan for every lifestyle, and
with units selling fast, it’s projected to be sold out before
construction is complete.
Compson Associates is an award-winning development company
that has developed over $2 billion in luxury properties across
South Florida and beyond. They look forward to continuing their
reputation for quality and luxury with the completion of
Tower 155.
This residentialdevelopmentTOWER155 (“Project”) isbeingdeveloped155BocaRatonRoad,LLC ("Developer"),whichhasa limited right touse the trademarkednamesand logosofCompson. Anyandallstatements,disclosuresand/or representationsshallbedeemedmadebyDeveloperandnotbyCompson,andyouagree to looksolely toDeveloper (andnot toCompsonand/oranyof itsa liates)
718.503,FLORIDASTATUTES,TOBEFURNISHEDBYADEVELOPERTOABUYERORLESSEE. Thesematerialsarenot intended tobeano er to sell,or solicitation tobuyaunit in thecondominium.Suchano ering shallonlybemadepursuant to theprospectus (o eringcircular) for thecondominiumandno statements shouldbe relieduponunlessmade in theprospectusor in theapplicablepurchase
agreement. Innoevent shallany solicitation,o eror saleofaunit in thecondominiumbemade in,or to residentsof,any stateorcountry inwhich suchactivitywouldbeunlawful. This isnot intended tobeano er to sellnora solicitationofo ers tobuy realestate to residentsofCT, ID,NJ,NYandOR,unless registeredorexemptionsareavailable,or inanyother jurisdictionwhereprohibitedby law,andyour
eligibility forpurchasewilldependuponyourstateof residency.Forcorrect representations, referenceshouldbemade to thedocuments requiredbysection718.503,FloridaStatutes, tobe furnishedbyadeveloper toabuyeror lessee.All imagesanddesignsdepictedhereinareartist’sconceptual renderings,whicharebaseduponpreliminarydevelopmentplansandaresubject tochangewithoutnotice in the
mannerprovided in theo eringdocuments.Allsuchmaterialsarenot toscaleandareshownsolely for illustrativepurposes.
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