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JUNE 2018
Surgical & Non-Surgical
Facial Rejuvenation
• Laser Skin Resurfacing
• Restylane • Dysport
• Latisse • Sculptra • Botox
• Juvederm • Voluma
• Volbella • Vollure • Kybella
Reveal your own Kybella profile
Skin Care Products From
Obagi, Skin Medica and, Skin Ceuticals
June Special
8130 Royal Palm Blvd., Suite 204
Coral Springs, FL 33065
(SE Corner Of Royal Palm/Riverside)
Pamela Rosen
MD, F.A.C.S.
with your treatment of Kybella receive
one complimentary area of Botox
(while supplies last $200 rebate on
second treatment of kybella)
We specialize in
Leather & Vinyl
Scratches, Cuts & Tears, Scuff Marks,
Stains, Discoloration, Ink Marks,
Nail Polish, Food Stains,
Fading & Peeling, Cleaning,
Conditioning, Re-stitching.
Recliner Repairs
Cables Supplied and installed
Give New Life to your furniture, we restuff and refill. Like New Again!
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hat a busy month June is. School’s out, summer
begins, as does hurricane season, and it’s Father’s
Congratulations to all the graduating students. Whether
you’re moving on from high school to college, middle
school to high school, elementary school to middle school,
or graduating from kindergarten, it’s a big deal. Education
is important, not just for knowledge, but it helps you learn
to deal with life’s struggles too. Figuring out how to get
that “A” in a tough class, understanding a subject you have
trouble grasping, or making plans on how to pass a difficult
test, are all preparation for life. Now that school’s out, what
will you do? Some teens continue their education, others
work (pages 74 and 75).
Summer brings to mind vacation. Travel can be fun, as
well as stressful if you travel with kids. We have a few tips
on things to do to help make a road trip, or any trip, fun
(page 70). Deciding where to go or what to do is a big
part of vacation planning. There are a lot of fun places to
do day trips to, not just in our neighborhood, but in other
communities as well (page 78). There is plenty for the kids
to do at the community centers and libraries. If your child
is interested in sports, there are programs for whatever
piques their interest (pages 112 and 113).
Of course, we can’t forget being safe this summer. The
sun and heat can be brutal and dangerous if you are
not properly protected. Children and the elderly should
especially take care, and pets too (pages 66 and 67).
On a bit more of a serious note, it is hurricane season and
it is time to be prepared. After last year’s experience it’s
important to be prepared and know where to go if you
need to evacuate. We have a two-page spread (pages 36
and 37) with important information and phone numbers for
this season.
Finally, remember dear old Dad’s sayings? Mine would
always say, “Close the door! We’re not heating the whole
neighborhood!” He said a lot of other things, but that was
probably my favorite. Growing up in New York, keeping the
electric bill down while staying warm was a balancing act
for him. We asked a few folks about their favorite sayings
from Dad (page 24).
We hope you enjoy your summer and stay safe during
this hurricane season. As always, we hope you enjoy this
issue of
the Parklander
magazine. Remember, feedback is
appreciated and welcome.
Barbara Negron
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