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    It’s Not Easy Being Green

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    Kermit the Frog had a different “green” in mind when he sang the blues about the perils of his amphibian color on Sesame Street. But for many of us, “being Green” in an altogether different way isn’t all that easy either. These days, what exactly does “Green” mean? Basically, it means leading more environmentally friendly…

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    Moving in the Right Direction

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    It has been one year since the MSD shooting. We all know the toll it took on everyone and the damage left behind. We have also seen and heard the countless debates and protests both for and against gun control. A multitude of articles have been written for both sides, as well as methods of…

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    Slipping Through the Cracks

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    The issue of mental health care is one of the most ongoing, divisive, troubling topics in our country today. Included in that issue is the question of how it relates to gun control. But let’s start with the basics. In several articles regarding studies done on mental health issues in this country in 2016, this…

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    The Journey of a Thousand Miles

    Off 17

    While this title may seem incongruous to the subject matter, I feel it fits perfectly into the goals and objectives of FAMSVARPAC and other organizations of similar ilk. What is FAMSVARPAC? The acronym stands for Families Versus Assault Rifles Political Action Committee. This organization was founded after the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School…

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