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    Left Without a Goodbye

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    was a regular day; the sun rose as usual, bringing the Florida Sunshine over Parkland. We hurried out after a quick breakfast, some of us hearing our moms calling out to finish the toast. But we needed to get to school in time, had to catch up with notes from friends for the upcoming tests….

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    It started with the incessant sounds of sirens – police cars, ambulances, emergency vehicles, fire engines – racing past the office windows. Then one of our staff received a phone call, the distraught caller informing the staffer of the shootings at Stoneman Douglas High School and asking if the staffer’s grandson was safe. I immediately…

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    No words that can be spoken

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    There are truly no words that can be spoken to ease the pain of the tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. What can you say to the parents and families who lost a beloved child? What do you say to a community, whose city is named the safest in Florida to live in and…

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    A Convenient Epidemic: Childhood Obesity

    Off 40

    What is a convenient epidemic? It is when you can find your vice on every street corner, see it on every TV channel, hear about in on every radio station, and it is displayed on every social media avenue. It is an epidemic that makes you see it and crave it everywhere you go, and…

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    Potential Food-Drug Interactions

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      Medications can be affected by certain foods, caffeine, or alcohol. This is called a food-drug interaction. Some food-drug interactions can alter or prevent some medicines from working the way it should. They can cause side effects from medications to be altered or they can create a new side effect. Some medications can change the…

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