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    Autism: By the Numbers

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    When the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) began tracking the prevalence of autism in American children, comprehensive data from 2000 and 2002 showed 1 in 150 kids were found to have autism. By last year, when the CDC released results from its most recent findings, autism rates had again jumped. Of the 8-year-olds…

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    Project 1841 Brings Smiles to Foster Care Teens

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    The year was 2007, and Robin Miller sat in a living room watching TV. It was December, a time for family and friends, but the teenage girl sat in a chair isolated and alone, wondering what her life would be like without the safety net of foster care. The 18-year-old had aged out of the…

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    The Value of Volunteering

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    In Broward County, 324 schools provide an educational setting for 271,517 students. Comprising most of the enrollment is 96,000-plus students in grades K-5 and nearly 71,000 students in high schools. From a national perspective, 3.5 million teachers in 131,000 schools teach in excess of 55 million students. Large class sizes and overworked teachers are common,…

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    A Homeowner’s Dilemma: To Love or To List?

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    A home in a great location within a quality school district, friendly neighbors, and a short commute to work is utopia. But there comes a time when homeowners needs to decide when its time to love or list their home. If you’re a homeowner that wants to move into a more upscale neighborhood, or doesn’t…

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    How ‘Healthy’ is Florida’s Health care?

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    Home to thousands of older adults, the tropical paradise of Florida isn’t so sunny in terms of overall health care. In an age where more Americans have access to health care than ever before, Florida still has work to do compared to other states.   Determining the “best health care” among states is a result…

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    Ketamine Infusion Therapy Shows Benefits

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    Ketamine is a powerful drug that has been around for 50 years. Much of that time it was used by veterinarians and even by medics as a surgical anesthesia on the battlefield. Today’s battlefield is a landscape comprised of everyday people suffering from a variety of chronic disorders ranging from depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and…

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    Safety Always Comes First

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    Safety first. It is vital, it is important, and it is necessary. A recent issue of the Parklander featured a cover photo of a woman operating a power tool without any protective eyewear, leather gloves, or long-sleeved shirt. The intent was for artistic purposes only, and meant to catch the eye of its readers. Based…

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    Social media … a new frontier for bullies?

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    There was a time when bullying took place on the playground. Now, it’s done through social media. In its intended form, social media is a tremendous platform of communications. The downside, however, is the ease in which it can be used to cause psychological and emotional distress to others. It’s well documented that today’s tech…

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