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    PRANK YOU VERY MUCH: ON BEYOND TP-ING by Cynthia MacGregor What does Halloween mean to you? To little kids (and a few bigger ones), anticipating a haul of goodies, the holiday means a chance to dress up in costume, get out and ring doorbells, and see what kind of sweets they can fill up their…

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    Fourth of July Fun

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    Fourth of July fun By David Volz The Fourth of July is a time when people get together to honor the nation, spend time with family and friends and to watch fireworks. Parkland Mayor Michael Udine said he enjoys the Fourth of July. “It is a great celebration of American Independence and a nice holiday.”…

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    Sleep Away Camp – Experiences That Last A Life Time

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    [metaslider id=533] The summer before third grade, I was shipped off to Hendersonville, North Carolina, alongside two of my best friends and their 7-year-old younger sisters to attend sleep-away camp for the first time. We entered with expectations exceeding little more than bug bites, sunscreen, various pool activities, and new friendships. Little did we know…

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