Spring Fling: 5 Simple Tips For An Organized Home

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About 33 percent of Americans choose spring as their favorite season of the year according to Rasmussen Reports. So why is springtime so popular? Is it the warmer temperatures, signs of new growth, or the increase in daylight? For those up North, it is time to put away the snow boots and shovels while for others it is a period when hibernation ends and home organization begins.


Spring is a time to fling your accumulation and engage in rejuvenation. A major reason why we collect and keep things, be it accidental or otherwise, is because we do not wish to separate from their memories. Consequently, we refuse to part with items we have neither seen nor used for several years. This chaos and clutter can be fought with little to no casualties. According to Ben Franklin, “For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.”


Spring Fling means revitalizing your environment to invite creativity and productivity. In fact, studies out of Princeton University have found that physical clutter in your surroundings competes for your attention and results in increased stress as well as decreased performance. Set your Spring Fling in motion, with these few simple organizing tips.

  1. Focus on one task per room at a time. For example, in the bathroom open up your medicine cabinet or drawer. Start by sifting through and disposing of expired products and empty containers until you are clear of things unseen or used since last spring. Remember, when in doubt fling it out.


  1. Engage your family in the organizing process. Children and spouses are more likely to keep things organized if they are involved in the activity. Allow them to decide which items they want to keep, purge, or donate. Make the process fun and offer incentives in order to continue the momentum throughout the year.


  1. Cease bringing junk mail into your home. Strategically place a garbage bin near the mailbox (i.e. the garage) to avoid unwanted correspondence from becoming an unsightly pile on your kitchen counter.


  1. Make it easier to put things away by creating more room. For every new item you place in your closet or drawers, remove one for dumping or donating. This will help increase space and decrease


  1. Hire a professional organizer when you have neither the time nor interest to work on these projects by yourself. Just like hiring a contractor or housekeeper, there are some tasks you may just want to leave to the experts.


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