Here’s to YOU DAD

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Every year, during the month of June, we allow one day out of the year to celebrate a person who means so much to us— Dad. This Father’s Day, celebrate what you have built—a beautiful family who needs and adores you. Sure, some days are hectic and stressful, but remember to look at your children and view them as they see you. You are their hero, their idea of what a man is, and the man that makes their world fun. Kids crave to spend time with their fathers. You are most likely exhausted by the time you come home from work, so create realistic goals as far as what you are able to do. Throw a ball around outside, watch a movie before bed, or play a game together on your tablet; whatever it is, your kids will enjoy it because they are spending individualized time with you.

On the weekends, splurge. You could camp outside in your backyard or even check out Groupon deals for some fun, local adventures. With everything going on, remember to also take time for yourself and try to relax. Go watch a game, grab a drink with a buddy of yours, or go for a run to clear your mind. Stress can get to us, which may cause us to react negatively at times. The more relaxed you are, the more patient and understanding you will be, which will positively impact those around you, especially your children. Parenting may have changed over the years, but you will never forget the lessons you learned as a kid. Consider how you want your kids to think of you as a father and be that way for them.

Reflect on what you would like to pass on to your kids; perhaps certain qualities that you believe are essential. In addition, tell them stories about your life; ones that will help them to understand and relate to you on a deeper level, as their memories of you will last a lifetime. Think of all the sacrifices you have made and know they are all worth it. It requires a strong drive to get up every day and go to work. It requires discipline to be present as a father, which is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your children. Perhaps at times, you may raise your voice more often than you would prefer, or you might not always say or do the right things. Nevertheless, remind yourself that parenting does not come with a magical handbook. You are still learning as a father and even though you may not have it all figured out, your kids will always love you unconditionally.

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