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Coral Springs High’s First Graduating Class to Celebrate its 40th Reunion

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Preparations are underway for a special occasion in September for some Coral Springs High School alumni. The class of ‘78, which was the school’s first graduating class, will celebrate its 40th reunion with a full line of festivities to take place on Ft. Lauderdale Beach. Native Floridian, Andrea DaSilva along with former classmates Susan Lipinski Swiderski, Kathy Kittredge, and Cindy Foster have been busy organizing the event filled weekend. DaSilva jokingly said that Mike McCormick is also on the committee, but “he is really just trying to get the football team together.”

Coral Springs High School had yet to be established so students were shuffled around a bit from Coconut Creek to Pompano Beach. The decision was made in 1975 to build the school but it was not ready for the start of the school year for the class of ‘78. The students spent their sophomore year in portable classrooms, but enjoyed the newly built facility for their junior and senior years. Being the pioneers of the school, the students had the opportunity to contribute to the development of the school including choosing the school colors, mascot, and other traditions. This class was the first to experience many things including the first edition of the school’s newspaper the Pony Express and the first student government. While this class looks forward to reuniting in September, DaSilva takes a moment to look back.

“It was so much fun growing up in Coral Springs,” DaSilva said. She recalls her Dad teaching her to drive on two lane roads and there was cow in the middle of the road. “I always say the people in Parkland have great soil because it was all cow pastures out there,” DaSilva said. According to DaSilva, Coral Springs really only began to evolve once the high school was built. Going out to dinner or to the mall involved a trip to either Sunrise or Pompano Beach. Not having a local school was not always easy and DaSilva said that having split sessions at Coconut Creek also made it difficult to adjust. Even though her 10th grade was spent in a portable classroom, DaSilva said it was “the best” because everyone was finally together. DaSilva talks about their first hangouts being Danny’s, Little Italy, and the bowling alley. “You would be surprised how many of the students still live here,” DaSilva said, adding that on any given night you can go into the old Danny’s, which is now J.D’s, and run into former classmates.

The committee is hopeful that classmates both near and far will enjoy meeting old friends and making new memories. DaSilva shares stories of some of the classmates including their one local celebrity, Pete Prisco who is now a Jacksonville sports announcer, hinting that it would be really nice if he would come. It remains to be seen who will turn out for the event, but it is certain to be a fun time for all.

A First Class Cocktail Party will be the first opportunity for classmates to reconnect at 7pm on Friday, September 21 at Bahia Mar Resort followed by a day at the beach on Saturday. Everyone is encouraged to bring food and coolers to this free beach party where the “Colts” will have the opportunity to have some fun in the sun. Saturday night will be a flashback to the 70s with dinner and disco, the D.J. is also a member of the first graduating class. Sunday morning coffee on the pool deck will be the last time for the first class to mingle and say their goodbyes.

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