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    Catching Pythons With Science, Not Guns or Knives

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    Oh, you know all about the danger invasive pythons pose in the Everglades and the annual hunt by folks who come from afar for bragging rights or to collect a bounty.   But I’ll bet you don’t know all about the science behind the effort to reduce the python population before they destroy the populations…

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    Fighting World Hunger From Florida

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    The world is a hungry place. By most estimates, nearly a billion people sharing the planet with us do not have enough to eat or are malnourished. That’s about one in seven of us. Thousands of people in third-world countries starve to death every day. Many international organizations help to feed these hungry people in…

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    Road Rangers: Help at any hour

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    There’s a sinking feeling when your car breaks down on Florida’s Turnpike or an interstate highway. Even if you’re not stalled in the highspeed travel lane, cars whiz by at 70 miles an hour. It happens all the time. Tires go flat. Radiators boil over. Gas tanks run dry. Engines fail. Fortunately, a well-equipped and…

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    Florida’s Sweltering Life Before Air-Conditioning

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    When the Florida sun beats down and the temperature reaches the 90s, you can thank a fella named Willis Carrier for the air conditioning that makes life in Florida bearable. To a large extent, he’s why we can walk from our air-conditioned homes to our air-conditioned cars to our air-conditioned workplaces without being drenched in…

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    If Wishes Were Horses…One Woman’s Dream of Riding

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    Twenty-seven years old is late for someone to become a jockey. But Patra Jean didn’t think it was too old to live her dream, which she did. Despite the late start, she finished her apprenticeship quickly and was in full gear. “You could say I was self-accomplished,” she said.            …

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