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    Dominant Market Presence Reach South Florida’s most desirable consumer – those with disposable income, the Parklander’s ® targeted distribution is direct mailed to businesses and the most affluent neighborhoods in Parkland, Heron Bay, and Coral Springs throughout South Florida. Total distribution:            36,000 Total readership:              150,000 Direct Mail Distribution For maximum visibility in the market, the…

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    It’s Your Choice

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    The best wine in the world is the wine you like best. By reading the last statement you have just been liberated from any of the antiquated ideas about wine that you may have had. We are in the 21st century and if you have not noticed, it is a brand new world. The rules,…

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    Snowbirds Aflutter in Pacific Northwest

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    It’s my wife’s fault. She finished a book on the Lewis and Clark Expedition. The treacherous terrain. The harsh weather. The constant threat from hostile Indians. It soon became clear that I might be a belated scalping victim if we didn’t get out to the Pacific Northwest and retrace at least part the great trail….

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    Supreme self confidence

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    Supreme self confidence Few in history have had more chutzpah than General George Patton. According to a friend of mine whose father served in Patton’s Third Army during the Second World War, on the way to Germany the brazen general’s jeep stopped in front of some of his soldiers who were camouflaging their tanks. My…

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    The Village Idiots

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    In days long past, people knew by the time a child was around five or six, whether or not the kid had all its marbles. Imagine, continuing the marble thread, the normal one’s brain looked like a neatly set up game of Chinese checkers. Each marble precisely placed in its appointed spot, and the child…

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    My Haters Pinterest Page

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    Lately, I’ve been extremely weary of all these Facebook games that I’m seeing. The ones that start with “let’s have some fun… ” I’m like oh no, no fun please. I’m so grateful for the yellow face “eye roll” emoji which I am tempted to put in the comments. I don’t want to recall details…

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    International Club Ignites Change, EMPOWERS COMMUNITY

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    Sandy Manning is the vice president of the Zonta Club of Greater Deerfield Beach. She refers to herself as “a chronic volunteer.” She spent several years in the Bahamas volunteering with the Special Olympics and School for the Handicap, and served as an Aquatic Director for the YMCA. When Sandy relocated to Boca Raton, joining…

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    Baring and Daring Weddings

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    Life is short, and as long as you’re not hurting anyone else, do what makes you happy. But some wedding attire trends might make me change my lifelong motto. There are some things you cannot ‘unsee’ and therefore, permanent damage to one’s ability to believe in common sense is a distinct possibility. It’s not fair…

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    Family Fun Day and Car Show

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    The City of Coral Springs hosted its Family Fun Day and Car Show at the Sportsplex Center. Attendees enjoyed music, food trucks, vendors, bounce houses, and entertainment. For information on city events, visit CoralSprings.org.   Natalie Minshul, left, paints a pretty design on Avery Bardisa.                 Avery shows…

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    WorldFest celebrates diversity

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    WorldFest celebrates diversity Last month Coral Springs hosted WorldFest at the Sportsplex to celebrate the diverse cultures that make up the community of Coral Springs. The event featured ethnic foods, live entertainment, arts and crafts, and fun activities for children. The event also featured Culture Village and Kid’s World   1.Lotus Angel with South Florida…

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    Putting the “blue” in Red White and Blue

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    North of Ocala and south of Gainesville is a travel destination that is literally blueberry heaven. It’s the Red White and Blue Farm nestled in the quiet town of Williston, about one hour from Orlando. The farm’s name is symbolic of patriotism and love of country, but Terry Robinson who co-owns the family business with…

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