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Country Music Starlet Liddy Clark

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Country Music StarletLike other 17-year-olds, Liddy Clark enjoys going to the movies or hanging out with friends at the beach. Unlike other teens, though, Liddy goes to a recording studio after school for two or three hours a day and takes frequent trips to Nashville, where she collaborates with other songwriters.
“I don’t have much time to do homework,” says the Parkland resident and North Broward Preparatory School senior. Liddy is becoming a familiar voice to South Florida audiences, having recently represented the country music genre at Duende 2015, the grand finale of Broward County’s centennial celebration.
Her soon-to-be-released but not-yet-titled album features many original songs, put together at West End Recording Studios in Pompano Beach. Her co-producer Pete Masitti, who has worked with artists including Toni Braxton, Shakira, and Kelly Rowland, says Liddy is “gifted with great natural instincts as a vocalist.”
Liddy’s Nashville colleagues also praise her talents. Co-producer, songwriter, and collaborator Stokes Nielsen says, “Liddy connects with her generation because she speaks the truth in her songs. What impresses me most in her songwriting is her honesty and ability to capture emotions that are uncanny for someone her age.”
Many of Liddy’s songs relate to the challenges — especially emotional insecurity — faced by so many teens. Her music may help people her age to accept that their feelings aren’t unique and that negativity can be defeated.
“A lot of my songs have to do with the frustrations of being a teenager,” Liddy says.
“Some days you feel like the whole world is against you. You just have to look to the next day and say, ‘I have to give a little bit of faith to this day because it might turn out OK,’” she says, referring to one of the album’s songs, “A Little Faith.”
The first single from the album, “Painted by Numbers,” also conveys an affirming message. “The song is about not being labeled by numbers that try to define society. I want to send the message that you are who you are. You have to forget everyone else and all of the negativity. That’s how you can overcome insecurity.”
Country music is in Liddy’s genes. Her cousin Drew Womack, former Sons of the Desert frontman, collaborated with Liddy on her album. Her ever-supportive family includes mom Shana, who travels with Liddy back and forth to Nashville and is her biggest fan.
Ever since she was a young child, Liddy has demonstrated talent and passion for music, taking lessons with a vocal coach since age 7. While going through the process of discovering her musical style, she experimented with musical theater and pop until country music captured her imagination. The realness of country music speaks to her. “It isn’t made up, like everything else,” she says, citing Kacey Musgraves’ witty songwriting as an inspiration.
Liddy’s youthful songs of self-acceptance and empowerment will undoubtedly expand country music. Plans for the next year include going on tour to promote the new album. Her enthusiasm to share her music is contagious and naturally involves family.
“I want to go on a major tour with a major act and play all over the United States. I want to meet people from different countries, different continents, and play to different fans. I want to sell a lot of CDs and make my music known to everybody. “And I’m going to take my mom with me!”


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